D-Sides, Orphans, and Oddities

Os Mutantes and Rita Lee. Also BIll Haley rarities.

August 21, 2021

This show features Rita Lee, the first, best-known singer in Os Mutantes, one of the greatest non-English bands ever. Their music was inspired and free of boundaries, their lyrics subversive and literate. They carried on for years after her departure. I don't think the original three ever reunited. Maybe someone from Brazil can teach me about Os Mutantes. From my international fan club. 


Larry Jon Wilson - Ohoopee River Bottomland (1974) Listen to those handclaps during the last verse. That's production. 

Charles Lloyd - All Life is One (1971) Alan JardineBill CowsillBrian WilsonMichael O'GaraMike Love, and Rhetta Hughes on backing vocals. Dave Mason (featured in another episode) on acoustic guitar

Rita Lee - And I Love Him (1970) A sort of garish cover on an otherwise good record. 

Bill Haley - Let the Good Times Roll Again (1979)

Bill Haley - Mohair Sam (1976) Recorded in 1976 at Fame Studio in Muscle Shoals, for Sonet Records. Not released in the US until 1979. 


This is a rare studio version of Bill Haley's version of the Charlie Rich hit. He often played it live. Written by Dallas Frazier who also wrote "Elvira". 

Bill Haley and His Comets - I Need the Music (1979)

Bill Haley Rock Around The Clock (1969) Live @ The Bitter End in NYC. Haley was a pro, that's for sure. He brought it in every live performance I've seen or heard. 

Buddy Raye - Alphabet Man (1985?) Buddy Raye, AKA Dick Kent, AKA Sonny Cash, AKA Elmer Plinger (probably his real name), was a member of the MSR Singers. He was the most prolific of all the song-poem singers. I go into detail on my show, but here's a link to that wiki. I have an extensive collection but this one is just different somehow. 

Elton John - Nina  (1967/68) From the Gentle Giant website: "Reg (Elton) played with Simon Dupree & the Big Sound for a couple of months when our keyboard player Eric Hine was recovering from glandular fever. We toured Scotland during this time and became good friends. One night in a Scottish hotel he played us what was to become songs from his first album including 'Your Song' Of course we fell about laughing especially when he said he was changing his name to Elton John. We got on so well that Reg wanted to stay with us. At a session in Abbey Road studios he played on a track called 'Laughing Boy From Nowhere' featuring Phil (Schulmann)'s son Calvin (laughing) and we recorded one of his songs. We stayed in touch for quite a time after that and I used to go to see Reg and Bernie Taupin in Watford where they lived. I also went down to the studio when he was recording his first album...This would have been around the time GG was forming. One more celebrity highlight: Dudley Moore played piano on a Simon Dupree single 'Broken Hearted Pirates' (terrible song)...

I Got You Babe Tiny Tim & The Band (1967) Tiny's girlfriend Eleanor Baruchian shares (Cher's?? HAHAHAH) vocal duties with Tim. Are you a The Band completist? You have this. Somewhere. 

John McLaughlin, Charles Lloyd & Mike Love - California Girls (1974) From the cable show Speakeasy with Chip Monck. Chip Monck MC'd the Woodstock festival, worked with Dylan and Hendrix, etc. etc. Good interview here. Odd to hear such strange style-differences clash. 

Lovers & Friends - Misty (Epic Version) (1977)

Mutantes - Dom Quixote (1969)

Odara - Gilberto Gil e Rita Lee (1977) From the wonderful live album Refestança. "Refreshment"

Os Mutantes - Ando Meio Desligado (1970)  "The Divine Comedy or I'm Half Off"

Os Mutantes - Fuga No. II (1969) 

Carole King - Porpoise Song (1968) 

Rita Lee & Tutti Frutti - Agora é Moda (1978) "Now It’s Fashion" 

Rita Lee - Vamos Tratar Da Saúde (1972) "Today Is The First Day Of The Rest Of Your Life" 

Rita Lee e Tutti Frutti - Yo no creo pero. (1974) "I Dont Think So"

Rita Lee-  Lady Babel (1976)

Rita Lee - Shangrilá (1980)

The Association - One Sunday Morning (1975)

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