D-Sides, Orphans, and Oddities

The KISS Show!! With Gilbert Neal and Ken Ray Wilemon

August 5, 2021

The KISS Show!! With Gilbert Neal and Ken Ray Wilemon:


Wicked Lester - She (1972)

Lips - Beck (1971?) The original version of “Beth”, obviously from a cassette. This band never released anything. Lips was born the night Criss's previous band Chelsea died.  While the material they would develop was similar to the material Chelsea had done, several later KISS songs were born in this period.  "I know you love complainin'..."

Crazy Joe and the Variable Speed Band - Eugene (1981) Co-written and produced by Ace Frehley. "Crazy Joe" was actually Joe Renda, White Plains NY producer and recording studio owner linked to the local Ren-Vell Records and North Lake Sound studio. He is perhaps best remembered for...this..., but his roots extend back to early 60s garage rock.

Gilbert Neal and Ken Ray Wilemon - Beth 

Gene Simmons - Black Tongue (2004) Garbage. Utter trash. 

Kiss - Bad Lovin’ (1978) (“Dr. Love” demo)

Peter Criss - Hooked On Rock and Roll (1978)

Gilbert Neal and Ken Ray Wilemon - I Was Made For Loving You

Kiss - Watchin’ You (1972-73)

Paul Stanley - Tracks Of My Tears (2021)

Wicked Lester - Too Many Mondays (1972) Turn up the volume to hear at comparable volume. It speaks to how Kiss would have turned out if they hadn't decided on the gimmick we all know. 

Gilbert Neal and Ken Ray Wilemon - Dr. Love


Potpourri featuring some bad Jan and Dean:


The Free Design - You Could Be Born Again (1968)

Bernie Waldon - Bright Lights And Go-Go Girls (1968)


Bernard E. “Bernie” Waldon, age 77, passed away June 27, 2012, in Brooksville, Fla. He was born in Crawfordsville to Floyd and Agnes Waldon. He graduated from Crawfordsville High School and moved to Indianapolis in 1965. Bernie worked in radio for several years at WILO, WHOW and WIRE in Indianapolis, and WZIP in Cincinnati. He was a musician working with several Country and Bluegrass groups mainly the Indiana Band and Bluegrass Partners. He appeared on radio and television, was a guest on the Grand Ole Opry and Renfro Valley Barn Dance. Bernie retired from Emery Worldwide in 1977, prior to that he worked for Purolator Courier. Bernie was a private pilot and past president of the Indiana chapter of the Antique Airplane Association of which he was a national lifetime member. He also belonged to the Aircraft Owners and Pilots Associations, the Experimental Airplane Association and the Luscombe Association. He served eight years in the Indiana National Guard.

Billy Dee Williams - A Taste Of Honey (1961) This was the first version of what would become a very popular war-horse for singers all over the world. Another trivia question! Who did it first? Lando California

Jean DuShon - For Once In My Life (1966) This was the first version of what would become a very popular war-horse for singers all over the world. Another trivia question! Who did it first? Jean DuShon.   

Jerry Jeff Walker - Mr. Bojangles (1968) This was the first version of what would become a very popular war-horse for singers all over the world. Another trivia question! Who did it first? Jerry Jeff Walker. He also wrote it. 

Rod Rogers & The Swinging Strings - Beatle Crawl (1965)

Tony Bruno - Rhoda Mendelbaum (1969) How I love Tony Bruno. 

Gianfranco & Gian Piero Reverberi - Nel Cimitero Di Tucson (1968) From the movie "Django, Prepare a Coffin". Starring Terrence Hill. 

The Jackson Five - Doctor My Eye (1973)

Jan and Dean - Laurel and Hardy (1966-1969) In response to market forces, Jan and Dean decided to go all out and record a psychedelic album of their own. In the process, Jan got into a car crash that left him somewhat debilitated. The album was finished by 1969. While presented as a Jan and Dean album, Jan Berry (even though he wrote and produced the material) only played and sang on a few songs due to complications from his car accident. Dean Torrence, who by that time had become disillusioned with the duo's prospects, only appears on one song. Glen Campbell made some contributions to the sessions, and singer Tom Bahler performed lead vocals on several songs. Tom Bahler wrote "She's Out of My Life" for Frank Sinatra. He never sang it, but Michael Jackson did on Off The Wall. Bahler also wrote the Bobby Sherman hit "Julie, Do Ya Love Me". A song I wrote and sang in my mind for Julie Pawlowski of Emporium Avenue, West Seneca, NY, 14224.

This song was co-written by Roger Christian, who co-wrote several songs for The Beach Boys, mostly about cars, including "Ballad of Ole' Betsy", "Car Crazy Cutie", "Cherry, Cherry Coupe", "Don’t Worry Baby", "In the Parkin' Lot", "Little Deuce Coupe", "No-Go Showboat", "Shut Down", and "Spirit of America", all of them penned with Brian Wilson.

And Roger Christian was from Buffalo, NY. We rule. 

Jan and Dean - The Universal Coward (1965) You have to hear this to believe it. 

Jan and Dean - Yesterday (1965)

Kathy McCord - She’s (I’m) Leaving Home (1970)

Kathleen McCord was born to Bill and Ann McCord. Both of them were in the show business: Bill was a radio and television announcer at NBC, whilst Ann was a singer who sang backup on Perry Como's TV show and hit records like "Catch a Falling Star", "Round and Round" and "Magic Moments". She was introduced to Chip Taylor by her brother, Billy Vera (who had a big weepy hit with "If I Could Just Hold You Again") when she was 16 years old. She has something to do with Kiss. I forgot. 

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